How to add questions to your form


➀ Create your survey (do not enter any data yet)

If you would like to add questions to your EquityTool, that is possible when you first create it. You’ll see a button ‘add questions’.


Note that if you enter some data for the survey, you can no longer add questions or change the survey form -the ‘add questions’ button will be replaced by links to the results report:



Sign into using your username and password

The EquityTool uses KoBoToolbox software. You will be redirected to to edit your survey. Enter the same username and password you use for


Be sure not to touch the questions that are already in the form

The EquityTool uses pre-prepared questions and calculation fields to determine which quintile a respondent should be in. These questions and calculation fields will already be in the form when you start after clicking ‘add questions’. In order for these to work correctly, the question fields and the calculation fields must remain completely unchanged. Do not do any of the following:

  • Change the wording of the questions or responses
  • Change the order of the responses
  • Change the names of the fields
  • Change the order of the questions
  • Delete any of the questions or calculation fields


Add your survey questions before or after the EquityTool questions

You can add questions to the form using the ‘+’ sign that appears when you hover the cursor over the left side of the form edit page. You should add questions before the EquityTool questions or after them, but it’s best not to place questions in the middle of the EquityTool questions.



Save and close the form

Once you have added questions, you will need to click on the ‘save’ button. You should then close the edit form page by clicking on the close button.



Redeploy the form

Finally, click on the ‘redeploy’ button on the next page. Click ‘ok’ on the dialog box that pops up. Your form should be updated.


Check that your form has been updated

If after redeploying your survey, you do not see the changes in your online questionnaire, you may need to clear the cache in your browser. More information on how to do this in each of the main browsers can be found here.