The best way to explore the EquityTool is to try it!

This EquityTool web-based data collection demonstration is for Zambia. You can enter responses in the form below and click “submit.” You will see that the data is queued for submission, then automatically uploaded to the larger dataset. Scroll down to view an example of the results that will be calculated based on the data you collect.

This form is purely for demonstration purposes and should not be used for actual data collection.

Please note that survey questions are country-specific, so you will see a different set of questions in each country. To see the questions for your country, please review our factsheets.  We offer many options to collect and analyze data. Please review options here.


Try accessing the form from different devices – it will work in a browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone. After you have accessed the form once, you can collect data even if you go offline – simply open the same link again.



Sync your data


After surveys have been conducted, the survey administrator can sync all data, and view results instantly.


Results can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF or Word document. The results for your survey can be displayed in an automatic online report that would look like this: