Data collection options

EquityTool web app
  • Choose this option if:
  • You want to do mobile data collection (both online or offline)
  • You don’t have an existing data collection platform
  • You want results as quickly and easily as possible
  • How this option works:
  • Create a new survey
  • Collect data on any device with a browser
  • See results
  • Choose this option if:
  • You are using DHIS2 as your primary health information management system
  • You want to use your DHIS2 organization structure to collect equity data
  • Your staff are already familiar with DHIS2
  • How this option works:
  • Download XML file
  • Upload XML to your DHIS2 instance
  • Collect data via DHIS2
  • See results via PivotTables
Other platforms
  • Choose this option if:
  • You want to collect data using paper forms
  • You want to incorporate the EquityTool into an existing survey
  • You already have a preferred data collection platform
  • How this option works:
  • Download Excel file with instructions & questions
  • Insert questions to your data collection platform (paper forms or an online data collection tool)
  • Collect data
  • Analyse data using our pre-prepared STATA or SPSS syntax or use other software
  • See results

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