Adding authorized users to your EquityTool survey

The default settings for the EquityTool allow you to share the survey link with other members of your team who can then enter data. You are not required to take any additional steps to grant access to your survey.

In some cases, you may want to add an extra layer of security to ensure that your survey is not shared beyond your project team and that data can only be entered by authorized users. If this is the case, follow these instructions to restrict access to your survey.


Create your survey


Select “add questions”.


Select “OK, I understand”.


Login to KoboToolbox using the same credentials as you used for the EquityTool site.


Click the X in the top of the form builder.


Turn off “Allow submissions to this form without a username and password”. This will require users to create a username and password to be able to access the survey.



To share the form with specific users only:


Follow the above steps.

Go to the SETTINGS tab and select Sharing.


Select “Add user”.


 Enter the usernames of the user you’d like to give access to your survey. To collect data, users must, at a minimum, be given access to “Add submissions”.


 Once a user has been granted access, they will be prompted to login before collecting data. The prompt may only be required at the start of each session.