How to download your dataset

Once you have collected data using the EquityTool web app, you can see your wealth quintile results via the automated reports in your EquityTool account. However, if you added questions to your survey, the data from those questions will not be presented in the automated report. Or you may wish to undertake more complicated analysis than than presented in the automated report. You will need to download the dataset from your survey in either of these cases.

➀ Log in to Kobotoolbox

To download your dataset, first log in to the Kobotoolbox account that came with your EquityTool account. Visit and login using the same username and password that you use for your EquityTool account.

➁ Click on your survey in the ‘deployed’ page

Once logged in, you will see a list of your surveys. Click on the name of the survey for which you want to download the dataset.

➂ Go to the download screen

You will then need to go to the download screen. To do this, click on the ‘Data’ button at the top of the page:

And select the ‘Downloads’ option:

➃ Download the dataset in your preferred format

On the download screen, you can choose the format that you would like your data to be in with the ‘Select export type’ dropdown. If you choose ‘XLS’ you will receive an Excel file, which can be imported to SPSS, STATA or many other types of analysis software. You can also use the ‘Value and header format’ dropdown to choose if you would like the dataset to contain ‘Labels’ or ‘XML values and headers’. With ‘Labels’, your dataset columns will contain the text of the questions (e.g. ‘Does your household have electricity?’) and the cells will have the responses themselves (e.g. ‘Yes’ or ‘No’). With ‘XML values and headers’, your dataset columns will contain the variables names (e.g. ‘Q1’ and ‘1’ or ‘2’) and cells will contain the response codes (e.g. ‘1’ or ‘2’). If you will be doing further analysis on your dataset, the XML values and headers option is usually most useful.

You can then click the download button to receive your dataset.

➄ Convert the Excel dataset if required

Now that you have the data in Excel form, it can be imported into STATA or SPSS or whichever analysis software you use using that software’s import functions. In some cases, the numeric values in your dataset may be stored as text. You may need to convert these to numbers. This can be done in Excel by highlighting the cells and choosing the ‘Convert to number’ option, or later in your analysis software.