Adding the survey form to the home screen of a mobile device

Once you have the data collection link for your survey, data can be collected at that link using any device with a browser. To save the link to a device, you can bookmark it in the browser, or you can add an icon to the device’s home screen that will take you to the survey form. The method for adding an icon to the device’s home screen depends on the device and browser being used:

Chrome on Android

Safari on iOS

Chrome on an Android device

➀ Open the form in Chrome. Go to Chrome’s menu.


➁ Select the option ‘Add to Home Screen’

➂ Give the home screen icon a name and tap ‘Add’

➃ The survey form should appear on your device’s home screen. Tapping this will open the form in Chrome.


Safari on iOS

➀ Open the survey form in the browser. Tap the Share button.


➁ Tap the ‘Add to Home Screen’ option


➂ Name the icon and tap ‘Add’